What sets Collaborative Law apart from other forms of dispute resolution is that you and your former partner each have a specially trained collaborative lawyer by your side. You and your former partner set the agenda and identify the issues that are important to you and your family. Through a series of meetings called “4-ways” you and your lawyer meet with your former partner and their lawyer.

Unlike other forms of dispute resolution and Court proceedings experts and other intermediaries can be invited into the process to take part in the 4-ways to inform the discussion. This might mean your accountant, pension expert, financial adviser who can help you create innovative solutions.

Throughout the process you have the support and legal advice from your collaborative lawyer. What underpins the discussions is a commitment by the lawyers and the couple not to resort to Court proceedings. To keep focused on this everyone signs an agreement committing to resolving issues through discussion. Your collaborative lawyer will not be able to go to Court if the process breaks down. Everyone, including the lawyers are absolutely committed to finding the best solutions through discussion with you.